Love Gators

I feel that the Alligator is a extremely misunderstood creature. I know they have an extremely harsh exterior, but the alligator is truly very shy. I’ve been mesmerized by this terrific reptile because I was a child.

Here in Florida it’s stated that pretty much wherever there’s a mud puddle there’s most likely a gator. There’s lots of truth to this, but this is due largely to the fact that we’re taking away their houses on an alarming quick rate. I may be confused, but I am positive that they were here before us, yet people believe them to be a nuisance and invading their land. I am almost sure that it is truly the other way around. If we’re taking away their houses then what do you think will happen?

Alligators shouldn’t be feared, but should be respected. They can grow to a very large size and wild alligator of 13 ft or more aren’t uncommon. Alligators from the wild do exhibit a natural fear of man, and if left alone would much rather steer clear of people than attack them.

But, alligators lack the salt-extracting glands of crocodiles and cannot survive in salt water for long intervals. Alligators can be seen in a variety of habitats such as marshland, swamps, rivers, ponds and lakes.

I’m fortunate enough that I can sit out in my dock and watch this incredible creature, for hours.

I would like to share palm bay raccoon removal story with you about how my love to the Alligator started, along with some really terrific info about the Florida Alligator. You’ll find some terrific pictures also, many of them taken from my backyard.

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